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CityU is one of the most popular local campuses, offering diverse opportunities for study and research. If you are keen to question, explore, be challenged and inspired, a warm welcome awaits at CityU. Today we are an internationally acclaimed university, dedicated

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Information for CityU Students Informaton for HKBU Students Student Exchange Inbound Student Exchange Outbound Student Exchange Minor in Mathematics Math Help Centre Topics & Recommended Readings of Servicing Courses Placement Tests

Information for CityU Students Informaton for HKBU Students Student Exchange Inbound Student Exchange Outbound Student Exchange Minor in Mathematics Math Help Centre Topics & Recommended Readings of Servicing Courses Placement Tests

Highlighted E-Reference Collections AccessEngineering AccessEngineering features content from a broad range of must-have McGraw-Hill engineering publications, including the latest editions of classics such as Marks’ Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers, Perry’s Chemical Engineers Handbook, Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers, Roark’s Formulas for Stress and Strain, and many more.

The Bachelor of Science in Computing Mathematics programme was introduced in 1994. This major is unique in Hong Kong. It emphasizes the balance between theories and their applications to practical problems, with a special focus on applied mathematics

(Finance + Math + Stat) Computer + IT BSc Computational Finance and Financial Technology is suitable for students who are good in Math and wants to explore exciting careers in financial sector. Joint degree program arrangement with Columbia University.

Programme and Course Catalogue Our curricula are designed to promote knowledge creation, original discoveries and innovative thinking by integrating learning and research on all levels of our professional education. Research Degree Programmes Professional

Undergraduate Courses for Computing Math Major MA0101 Basic Math for Engineering I (spring 2015,2016) MA 2305 Linear Algebra (fall 2012, 2013) MA 3004 Numeical Method (spring 2013) MA 4546 Introduction to Stochastic Process (fall 2013, 2014,2015,2016

Dept Majors Criteria EF Business Economics CGPA at the end of year 1 semester B Interview (on a selective basis) when the candidates have the same CGPA of year 1 semester B Exceptional Considerations: Students meeting the following conditions 3.1 and 3

* Change of major title from “Electronic and Communication Engineering” to “Electronic and Electrical Engineering” is subject to approval of the University. The renamed major will be implemented from 2021-2022. Admission Arrangements JUPAS Hong Kong Diploma

Scholarships College of Business and CityU are committed to nurturing elite students to become future business leaders. The following are some highlights of Admissions Awards, Exchange Scholarships and Scholarships from industry: CityU Scholarships for Hong

Major Requirements Scholarship Amount BSc Computational Finance and Financial Technology Non-weighted JUPAS score >= 30 and DSE Math / M1 / M2 / DSE ICT / DSE Economics / DSE English Language >= 5* $40,000 (one-off) BSc Computational Finance

City University of Seattle’s Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Counselor Education and Supervision program promotes a scholar-practitioner model for advanced counseling, supervision, teaching, research, leadership, and advocacy. Operating from a multicultural and

Students with non-weighted 4 core and 2 best elective scores at or above 28 are guaranteed with free choice of BBA majors by the end of year 1.(For students who have joined JS1001 to JS1027 only) Students with non-weighted 4 core and 2 best elective scores at or above 30 are guaranteed with free choice of 2nd BBA major by the end of year 1.

Depending on the programme, applicants seeking first-year admission are either admitted directly to a major or to a school/department with an undeclared major # (enter a major after one year of study). Students who wish to be considered for the Joint Bachelor’s

Students who wish to drop/withdraw from the course should submit their request with justifications in writing to the the BSc Programme Director (i.e. Dr. LING, Leevan), Department of Mathematics, HKBU before application deadline.

Upon completion of this joint degree program, students will receive the dual awards conferred by Columbia University and CityU. Financial Technology stream gives students an interdisciplinary education in business, information technology, and innovation by training them in mathematics, statistics, programming, information systems, and finance.

Second Major in Math Transfer into Math Minor in Math Capstone Course Arrangements Courses Teaching Timetable Application for MATH1010A MATH1030A Postgraduates Admission Research Programmes MPhil in Mathematics PhD in Mathematics MSc in

Math Support Center WebWork Online Homework System Postgraduate MSc Degrees MSc in Financial Mathematics MSc in Mathematics for Educators MSc in Big Data Technology Seminars Intranet

New position available ! ZOOM for Online Teaching Special Assessment Schemes of the 1st term of 2019/20 (Updated) Concerns that should be considered for choosing Late-Drop or Pass/Fail grading Graduate Division: Arrangement for Late Drop and One-off Pass

The Associate of Science in Business program teaches business fundamentals through courses that provide a wide variety of skills, like critical thinking, data analysis, and creative problem solving. CityU advisors help students determine which lower-division credits

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Curriculum and Instruction at CityU will prepare you to increase student learning and improve classroom practices. Position yourself to become a teacher leader, curriculum specialist, or department head, or pursue National Board

HKBU offers full-time integrated undergraduate, postgraduate programmes leading to master or doctoral degrees with the aim of nurturing students’ allUndergraduate Programmes Faculty of Arts School of Business School of Chinese Medicine School of

This page lists various subject rankings, including QS University Subject Rankings, U.S. News & World Report, Times Higher Education World University Subjects Rankings and Academic Ranking of World Universities, of universities and colleges in Hong Kong..

The MA in Teaching at CityU gives you a solid education and an in-depth understanding of what it takes to teach in K-8 classrooms. There are several endorsements in this program for you to explore a specialized area of teaching.

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Bachelor of Science in ˜e Department of Mathematics at City University is among the top in the region and has earned great recognition internationally. ˜is is because it not only attracts high calibre scholars around the world but also produces outstanding graduates

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Students will learn the major components of big data, including infrastructure, data integration, storage, modeling and management, computing systems, analytic and mining systems, security, policy and social implications, as well as human factors and big data

To graduate with an additional major, students admitted in 2015-16 or after must complete all the requirements specified for that major, within which there must be at least 20 credits single-counted for that major. These 20 credits cannot be used to fulfill any other

# Applicants for the major subjects of Chinese Language and English please refer to the Report of Language Education Review published by the Standing Committee on Language Education and Research (SCOLAR) in June 2003 (https:// scolarhk.edb).

Major programs The School of Science offers two new program choices – i.e. Science (Group A) program (JS5102) and Science (Group B) program (JS5103) starting from 2020 onwards. Science (Group A) program is tailor-made for those students who are interested in the fields of Physical Science.

City University of Hong Kong (CityU) is a leading global university with a burgeoning local and global reputation for professional education and research. The University is strongly committed to creating an internationalised space for professional education, pursuing

Learn about CityU’s Endorsement in Elementary Education, which provides certified teachers the opportunity to teach students in K-8th grades. This certificate is recommended for currently certified teachers or administrators who are looking to make a change to

To develop a mobile application on iOS platform related to Mathematics learning for primary school students; To digitalize various traditional math puzzles such that students can solve math problem with the aid of electronic devices. <

BDI Major BBA (Acc&Fin) BBA (IBGM) BBA (IS) BBA (Law) & LLB BEcon BEcon&Fin BFin (AMPB) BSc (QFin) Major and Minor Options for non-FBE Students 3-Year Curriculum 4-Year Curriculum Courses Enrichment Overseas Learning Experience HICS

Postgraduate Diploma in Education Programmes (PGDE) aim to prepare university graduates to become competent and confident teachers in schools in Hong Kong. If you are degree holder and wish to receive teacher training, PGDE is a good choice for you.

EdUHK offers a series of full-time undergraduate programmes in teacher education, creative arts and culture, language studies and social sciences disciplines. Find out more about the undergraduate programmes available.

17/8/2019 · 1. 嗯上已經指出, 你只有考慮major以外你可以讀嘅科 4. 其實你可以上城大網undergrad catalogue同埋master class schedule搵呢 6. 呢個其實係指你21個credits入面嘅GE必定要cover到果三個areas, 每個area各最少一科 其他樓上已經回答了

As Principal Investigator: 1986-1988 US NSF Grant DCR-8602563, US$30,000, Iterative Methods for Queueing Problems 1986-1992 Four research grants (total HK$73,600) from The University of Hong Kong 1993- Direct Allocation Grants (total HK$1,281,000) from The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Minor Programmes In the new curriculum, a coherent collection of 18 to 30 units in a discipline can constitute a Minor, and students can take Minor(s) according to their interest and orientation. This arrangement will be important as knowledge and careers become

Health care providers continue to rely on the best available technology to help their patients. In a time of specialization, there is an increasing [Read More] Total Credit hours for the Engineering Diploma are 150 Credits Condition for admission into the program is holding a Bachelor of Science of the same major with a Cumulative Average of a minimum of 2.25 out of 4.5.

We aim to cultivate higher degree graduates to serve the increasingly sophisticated needs of the society and to make contributions to the pool of human knowledge

Programme Codes Program Codes for New Curriculum Program Codes for Old Curriculum Tuition and Other Fees Per Unit Charge Students admitted in 2011-12 and before Students admitted in 2012-13 and thereafter University Regulations General Regulations

UOW College Hong Kong (“UOWCHK”), formerly Community College of City University (“CCCU”), has over 35 years of experience in providing quality tertiary education in Hong Kong. Since July 2015, the College has been in a formal alliance with the University of

香港討論區 香討為全港5大最高瀏覽率的網站之一, 板橋老人會 新北市銀髮族協會tarp new 每月單一訪客人數過千萬, 金鐘政府總部 金鐘 擁有超過550萬位來自不同階層、背景的會員。 遠期外匯分錄 主要討論涵蓋新聞、娛樂、地產、財經、汽車、婚姻等話題, 哪種食物可以使用 廣為香港人熟悉, 旺角殺街 可說是香港社會的縮影。 henrietta street secondary school (純文字版本)

Faculty Rank/Position All faculty members Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Visiting Scholar Research Assistant Professor Lecturer/Instructor All Faculty Members BRUNNER, Hermann Research Professor Fellow, The Fields Institute Email:

Prof. Benny Y. C. Hon’s major research interests include meshless computation using radial basis functions for solving various types of partial differential equations and numerical methods for solving inverse problems based on fundamental solutions and reproducing

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